So it is quite apparent that in modern, particular British, culture there is a significant part that alcohol plays in society. I'm just generalising here but we start secretly drinking as teenagers at house parties or in parks, we go on nights out to clubs, we drink in pubs with family and friends, even for… Continue reading Alcohol


It's currently midnight and I'm bored so here are some questions from an icebreaker app I decided to download and my answers to them. "What's the most important thing to you in a romantic relationship?" Comfort. Being comfortable being my true self around them, not feeling like I have to change who I am to make… Continue reading Icebreakers​

heartbreak playlists

R.I.P to my common sense </3 I'm a sucker for making unnecessary playlists, with songs I don't wanna listen to, about emotions I don't want to be reminded of. That classic image of someone who listens to sad songs when they're upset just so they can cry more about it, slightly pathetic but also very… Continue reading heartbreak playlists

Halloween season

As a big fan of Halloween, I decided this year I would try to dress up in outfits for the days leading up to the 31st of October and after, because why not? Now then, at Halloween people dress up in many different ways, the traditions have definitely changed over the years. People either go… Continue reading Halloween season

good lgbt+ representation

(This is a very personal and specific post about my cisgender bisexual experiences as a woman only. pls don't get mad that I'm not discussing all the issues about LGBT+ representation in society because I'd be here forever and I'd rather let others have their say on the matters that impact on them and I'm… Continue reading good lgbt+ representation

the fun of astrology

A question quite a few people have asked me is "are you really someone who genuinely believes in star signs/horoscopes/astrology?" The honest answer is yes. But I don't constantly base my life decisions around it, just like most of the other things I believe in (the law of attraction, dreamcatchers, tarot cards). I'm absolutely not… Continue reading the fun of astrology

wtf is the law of attraction?

I know that this post is going to sound absolutely bonkers to some people and to others they may get what I mean. I shall try to explain it as best as I can for both of these groups and everyone in between. If you ask me what my superpower is then I will answer "well… Continue reading wtf is the law of attraction?

uni life

All throughout education you will have adults telling you that this is going to be the "best time of your life" and to enjoy every second of it!!! I can tell you this was definitely not the case for me at least. High school sucked with bullying and mental illness a large part of my… Continue reading uni life


So this will definitely be one of those blogs that I forever go back to and update because I absolutely plan on having lots more tattoos than I have right now but gotta start somewhere. At this moment in time September 2018 I have exactly three tattoos and it was recently a whole year since… Continue reading tattoos

being an introvert

So amongst the labels which I like to define myself by are including but not limited to - nerd, sagittarius, student, bisexual - the main one I think is introvert. Now then, most people assume that anyone who is quiet and shy is an introvert, and anyone who is loud and confident is an extrovert… Continue reading being an introvert