a momentary pause

So due to the stressful looming deadlines of essays that I haven’t started, on top of being exhausted after 5 days a week in uni/placement, and then trying to fit all my socialising at the weekend I don’t have much time for anything else. My longwinded rants about anything and everything have, understandably, taken a backseat on my list of priorities while I try to get a degree and maintain my sanity.

I totally forgot to reread the many drafts I have to upload something last week. On Saturday I was at a gig (which I will write about eventually) and then my birthday was this week (another post idea about me surviving my teens) and then Christmas is coming up so it’s fair I take a little break as we come up to the end of the year (another blog due about my reflection on 2018). It’s a weird and busy time of year for most people. I’ve decided it’s a good idea to give myself permission to put this blog on pause for a while and not add it to my list of things to worry about.

corporealdays shall continue on the 5th of January 2019, hopefully, if I haven’t exploded from all the food I’m gonna eat. Between now and then I will continue to  write drafts about the weird and wonderful things that happen that get me thinking about life. In case you feel like you’re gonna miss anything exciting feel free to follow me on social media where I will be spamming and posting rubbish as usual. 

However you’re choosing to spend these last weeks of 2018, I hope you all have a happy and safe Christmas and New Year! 

ttyl, Jess x

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