the fun of astrology

A question quite a few people have asked me is “are you really someone who genuinely believes in star signs/horoscopes/astrology?”

The honest answer is yes. But I don’t constantly base my life decisions around it, just like most of the other things I believe in (the law of attraction, dreamcatchers, tarot cards). I’m absolutely not an expert on star signs and what the qualities are of each sign, what each strength and weakness is. My approach to astrology is more of a casual thing but may seem like quite a weird hobby to most. I always read predictions and poetic tweets about what lies ahead for me this week as a Sagittarius, so I’m definitely not at the level dedicating my life to learning about it by reading a million different books…just yet anyway.

I don’t pick who I hang around with based on their date of birth and, despite the fact that I have done a full birth chart for most people I’ve dated, I don’t follow the whole “compatibility” thing religiously. That being said, I have noticed a strange pattern in the people who are closest to me and their personalities which coincidentally match up to their star sign. The people I would consider my best friends (including friends from home and uni as well as family members) are all Cancers, a very emotional and passionate sign, and Virgos, who are some of the most caring, down to earth people I know. Another sign that I get on pretty well is other Sagittarius’s but I think that’s due to a similarity thing.  I’m not sure how much I align with our adventurous trait apart from the 20 minute train ride home I do every weekend which I quite enjoy but ya girl doesn’t have the time or funds to take trips across the world unfortunately.
Also as aggressive as Taurus’ can be I think I can just about put up with them for short periods of time (ie my ex and my best friends mum). Recently, I discovered that I also get slightly along with guys who are libra but don’t know enough to test this hypothesis (let’s hope they don’t read this and think I’m a weirdo).

To me star signs are just a weird thing that humans have created and they may be true (I think they are) and they may not be but I don’t think it’s doing any harm so don’t be a debbie downer if someone says they enjoy this stuff. If you are one of those people who strongly criticise this stuff just know that I’m not naive by choosing to ignore how general some of the descriptions are because if they apply to my life then I’m gonna believe it and I don’t have the time or energy to argue with negative people.

At the end of the day I do have a tattoo permanently on my body about my star sign, I’ve been bought jewellery containing my birthstone, I have a giant beautiful tapestry about astrology and I absolutely love talking to people about this stuff including all changes that occur to people around the various retrogrades etc. (the retrograde essentially messes with the areas of your life that the specific planet is related to – Mercury, Venus and it happens between different dates of the year). It’s all about interpretation and if you interpret it as bullshit then good for you, I don’t like watching the football but I can appreciate why others like it. Nor am I inclined to follow a particular religion but I ain’t gonna mock others for their beliefs because I do believe in a higher power but not other parts of it. Astrology is fun and I don’t use it as an excuse for my thoughts or behaviour or personality traits but it’s a little fun way to explain it just like other philosophical or spiritual stuff.

I’m able to be more open about my interest in astrology because I know a few people around me that are also interested in stuff like this and it’s so refreshing to be in a non judgemental space. I can be completely open and honest to my friends without fear of getting mocked for stuff so you bet I’ll get defensive if you try to slag it off because there’s just no need for that type of negativity tbh.

The day I upload this blog I will be at a “health and healing festival” in Chester with my lovely Virgo friend Jade (she’s just as pretty as the gem) and as well as a nice day out, we will be spending it looking at crystals, incense, speaking to mediums, learning about the benefits or hypnosis or chakra and having tarot readings. We believe in this stuff and it’s not doing any harm and believe it is doing a lot of good for our physical, mental, emotional and social health. You don’t have to believe in it for us to continue to enjoy it.  It’s a personal thing and if you don’t get it that’s fine and if you do, omg let’s talk about it sometime!

Let’s end this on a very simple note: no matter what your star sign is and if you like this stuff or not, just don’t be a dick.

ttyl Jess/x

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