“home is where the heart is”

Think i need to give a little bit of context before going on a rant about why I, someone going into their second year of uni, is getting sad about going back and away from home despite really not liking it.

I live in a large town in between Manchester and Liverpool where nothing really interesting happens and that’s just the reality of the situation. I’ve never lived anywhere else and am actually so happy to now be living in a city that feels full of culture and unique things to do and see and interesting people. I feel like the whole stereotype of teenagers hating their hometown comes from a place of them feeling trapped in the same place for last 18/19 years, which is a feeling that i understand.
On the other hand I’m still a massive home bird and one of the reasons I think I got through my first year of uni was because I was able to travel 20 minutes on the train every other weekend and see my family and friends that still lived there.

This year is slightly different though because more of them are off all around the country for uni and yeah im upset about it. I am in a very unique position where I have a friendship group of around 30 people, ive known them for around 8 years since the start of high school and we all joined a super group in college. We’ve all kept in contact through a large group chat and helped each other through the trials and tribulations of starting university, job stress, family things, relationship problems, general teenage life and we are now going into our 20’s. I don’t think I could ever love a group of people any more and I do want them in my life forever. So yeah I associate home with them a lot. But that’s gonna slightly change when they all move away.

It’s a strange thing finding people who really get you and you feel comfortable with in a town where you don’t want to live in or move back to any time soon.

I know it’s a good thing that i wont be able to run away from socialising at uni in my second year and will have to do what everyone did in first year and actually make more friends. I’ll always love my hometown because of the people in it and my family is still here, I can still keep in contact with my wonderful friends through the power of social media and I will also definitely have to travel to see them this year.

It’s possible to get through/over/past this but it’s still gonna suck every year having to say goodbye to people momentarily who make such an impact on your life and you just have to appreciate great memories you make over summer when you get reunited ❤


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