being an introvert

So amongst the labels which I like to define myself by are including but not limited to – nerd, sagittarius, student, bisexual – the main one I think is introvert.

Now then, most people assume that anyone who is quiet and shy is an introvert, and anyone who is loud and confident is an extrovert but this is not actually the case.
However it’s more about where you get your energy from, introverts usually thrive while alone in their own company and extroverts are more energised when around people.

Again this doesn’t mean that all extroverts are hardcore party people or introverts are all hermits but some of them might be.

Extroversion and introversion is basically a scale with people on different sections of it and those in the middle being ambiverts (who basically have the best of both worlds). I do suggest you do some more research on this if you’re interested.

That being said I think i am kinda a very stereotypical introvert who is also shy and quiet. Dont get me wrong I love my friends but I will still always leave a night out or a party around 1am because i need to recuperate and sleep as ive run out of energy.

I think people should all know where they get their energy from in an attempt to understand themselves better but try not to limit themselves to always leaving a social event early or to force yourself to go out of the house if you really don’t feel like it. As well as that don’t isolate yourself in an attempt to prove you really are introverted (im very guilty of this but working on it) because everyone is allowed a social life as well and no one should feel bad for how much or how little they see people they know.

It’s good to find labels that you identify with but also be very aware of the limitations of defining yourself to a singular one. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone every once in a while to get a new experience you might not have had the chance to before.

Some things ive learnt while being introverted:
– Forcing yourself to have lots to do in a week is okay as long as you find enough time to rest too
– Doing stuff alone like shopping or going to the cinema means you can enjoy the activity without feeling too drained
– Don’t be afraid to try to make more friends
– Don’t be afraid to say no to plans
– Occasionally stay later than 1am at parties or nights out to see what happens
– Go to things with friends you want to see even if you know you don’t fancy it
– Dont feel guilty for watching too much Netflix, everyone does it

(if you wanna find some labels yourself look at the 16 personalities test I am an ISFP)

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